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Have your say on the Edlington Community Investment Masterplan

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The Community Investment Masterplan is a plan that will identify a series of potential community investment projects for Edlington. The Masterplan will develop upon the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Edlington and the projects could help to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan’s aims. The draft plan contains project ideas to improve the environment, community well-being and pride in the local area.

Whilst there is currently no identified funding to deliver the masterplan, it is hoped that when finalised the plan can be used to attract funding and investment for the projects to be delivered sometime in the future.

Why a Community Investment Masterplan?

Edlington is a key settlement for the Borough in the adopted Local Plan. It is therefore a place that we want to attract investment so that it can continue to support the local community. The Masterplan will form the basis for future funding bids and investment in the area’s centre, streets, spaces and public areas.

Where does the masterplan cover?

The Masterplan covers all of the Parish area, but the focus is on the settlements of Old Edlington and Edlington.

Your role

Today we would like your feedback on the emerging Community Investment Masterplan. Specifically we want to understand what you feel are the key issues and opportunities that need to be responded to, and what you feel are the key projects that should be included in the Masterplan.

Physical display

A physical display of the project ideas will be available for the community to view at Edlington ECO centre from 6th December 2021 to January 7th 2022. Staff will be available to discuss the ideas at the exhibitions at the following dates and times: Wednesday 8th December (10am to 3pm) and Thursday 9th December (2pm to 7pm).

Diagram showing the relationship of the Neighbourhood development Plan to the Community Investment Masterplan

How is the Community Investment Masterplan prepared?

Local expertise

Engagement with the Town Council, ward councillors and council officers to understand the priorities for Edlington.

Place analysis

Analysing green & natural spaces, heritage, transport & movement, community facilities and Edlington's centres.

Project identification & prioritisation

Drafting projects, which support the Neighbourhood Plan and deliver on local priorities, to test with you.

Possible projects and project examples

What does the community think?

Response & finalisation

Determining the future investment for each town.

What would you like to do?

Email us for more information, or to comment via email

If you have any questions or queries about this project, or would like to comment via email, please email